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Event Based Gateway

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Event Based Gateway

Image:Modeling_the_Process6_Image015.jpgIndicates points of the process in which the Exclusive Gateway is not based on process data, but rather on external messages or events.  This shape is used to exercise control over the execution of certain activities to the extent that it enables keeping them available until one of them is executed.

Unlike the Exclusive Gateway (divergence element), the activities that come from this shape will always be triggered, that is to say, their activation does not depend on system data.  As regards the Parallel Gateway (divergence element), it is different because once one of the parallel activities has been executed, the others are disabled and they are no longer available.


Example: In the loan request process, let’s suppose that the delivery by the client must be made a few days after entering the products.  If this does not take place within this period, the “Intermediate Event” to receive documentation is disabled and the process goes on to contact the client.  If the documents are presented by the client within the expected period, the documents are checked and the time stops running.



Image:Bulletazul.gif The End Event remains in the shape until an activity (event, wait, set of activities) is carried out.

Image:Bulletazul.gif A transition that exits this shape cannot enter a Sub-process, Multiple Sub-process or Exclusive Gateway (any decision element mentioned earlier) directly because the End Event goes to them immediately.

Image:Bulletazul.gif Valid shapes following this shape are: Activity, intermediate event (ex: timer).

Image:Bulletazul.gif An Exclusive Gateway (convergence element) is used to synchronize elements that exit this shape.


Image:Bulletazul.gif Basic Properties (name, display name, description, help text).

Image:Bulletazul.gif Expressions.