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How to Upload Images onto Wiki

1.     Create a folder on your computer with the name of the BizAgi chapter to which the images you are going to upload belong. For instance, Alarms.


2.     Find the screen you want to capture in BizAgi, determine the information you want to show; remember that large screens must be adjusted to a smaller size..

Warning:Capturing BizAgiStudio screens must maintain the continuity of the language in which you are working. If you are providing documentation on the BizAgi manual in Spanish, we recommend you set the BizAgi language to Spanish. Change Language.


3.     Capture the screen using the AltGr/ Impr Pant Screen option on your keyboard.


4.     Open the Paint.Net program (image editor to upload images onto Wiki), click on the New Document, option in the File menu, right click on Accept and past the captured image


Note:The paint.Net program can be found on the following path: \\software\SoftwareVision\Bizagi Wiki\


5.     If the size of the image is over 550 pixels wide, click on the image menu in Paint.Net and select the change size option. Change the value in the width field of the window displayed to the suggested size for basic BizAgi screens that are larger than the capture size.


BizAgi Screen Type

Maximum Width

Main BizAgi Screen

550 pixels

Main Modeler Screen

500 pixels

Main Form Screen

500 pxels



6.     If the image size is right, click on the File menu in Paint.Net and then click on the Save As option to save the image in the folder you initially created on your computer (in step 1). Remember to do so in the right order so you can call on it later from BizAgiWiki.


Note:If you would like to change an existing image, use the defined name of the image and replace it.

If it is a new image in an existing chapter, keep the chapter name and add the following number to the image depending on the existing consecutive number. This consecutive number can be found in the left hand column of the BizAgiWiki site as follows:Special pages/File List/Chapter Name ; the last image that was uploaded is on the list, assign the next number as follows:

Chapter Name_image consecutive number.





7.     Upload the images that were previously captured and saved onto the BIZAGIWIKI site. In the left hand column of BIZAGIWIKI, click on the Special Pages link and select the Upload Files option.


8.     Click on the Browse button and select one of the images that have been saved in the folder of the corresponding chapter.


In the Destination Filename field, the names of the images are added as they were captured and saved. For instance:BizAgiWiki_Home_image.013.jpg.




9. Once you have finished uploading the images, click on the Upload File button.


10. In BIZAGIWIKI, enter the page or article where you want to insert the image and click on the Edit tab on the Top Menu of the BizAgi Wiki site.


11. Select the option Insert/Edit Image on the editor toolbar.



12. In the image properties windows, write the name assigned to the image in the image file name field to upload it onto BizAgiwiki; for instance: Process_Data_image.040.jpg. The name of the image will be in the Automatic Search Reults field, click on it and when the image appears, click on OK



13. In the BizAgi Wiki editor, click on Save Page to save the respective changes.



Image:BizagiWiki_Bullet001.gif Use the Paint.Net tool to capture and resize images.

Image:BizagiWiki_Bullet001.gif Adjust the images of large BizAgi screens to capture them in a more Wiki friendly format.

Image:BizagiWiki_Bullet001.gif The information on the screens that are captured must be consistent with what is described in the functionality or the example.

Image:BizagiWiki_Bullet001.gif When you upload images, always remember the name to identify them and the consecutive order.

How to Insert a Bullet

To arrange the information we want to show, we can use the list of numbers or bullets of the BIZAGIWIKI editor as follows:


1.     Enter the page or article you would like to change.

2.     Click on the Edit tab on the Top Menu of the BizAgi Wiki site. On the BIZAGIWIKI editor toolbar, click on the Insert/Remove Numbered List button or the Instert/Remove Bulleted List. button



If you want to use any of the predefined bullets as images, take the following into account:


1.     Click on the Insert/Edit Image button on the BIZAGIWIKI toolbar.

2.     In the image file name field of the image properties window, enter the word Bullet001.gif or Bullet002.gif corresponding to the predefined bullets; select the file ending in Bullet001.gif or Bullet002.gif, set the alignment for the image and click on OK